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Pharma Active

Pharma Active

Pharma Active


For the safe and effective shipping of Pharmaceutical Products, we offer Pharma Active, a service that maintains cargo in a temperature controlled chain throughout the transportation process by ensuring the adequate handling of active containers.

Types of Active Containers:

We transport Envirotainers (EV), CSafe (CS), and Dokasch (DO) pursuant to the following table:

Provider Electrical Heating and Compression Cooling Dry-Iced Based
Envirotainers (EV)

                RAP e2

                RKN e1

   RAP t2

   RKN t2

CSafe (CS)               CSafe RKN  
Dokasch (DO)

           Opticooler RAP

           Opticooler RKN


Premium Leasing Option (Service Only Offered For EV and DO Containers)

We manage lease of active containers directly with Envirotainers and Dokasch, offering the Freight Forwarder/Shipper a simple way of booking and transporting cargo that requires active packaging.  This service is subject to additional fees and conditions.

Redelivery Services

If the and the active container in which the cargo is being shipped have different destinations, we will offer repositioning services.