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Cargo- Remote Regions

Cargo Remote

Cargo- Remote Regions

We go where scheduled flights won’t

We are experts at arranging charter flights to the parts of the world that are hard to reach – and generally require specialized arrangements and planning. We can organize ad hoc flights or more extensive charter programs to:

  • War Zones
  • Regions of political instability
  • Oil fields
  • Natural disaster zones
  • Countries hit by strikes
  • Locations with inadequate infrastructure

Delivering vital supplies…

Many of the aircraft available for charter are ideally suited to remote locations. This includes the AN-12 witch can use unpaved shorter runways to deliver:

  • Humanitarian aid
  • Post deliveries
  • Industry charters
  • Generator turbines
  • Consumer goods

Experts for charters to remote locations…

We can arrange charters for you into areas that others can’t. Obtaining hard to get permits is another of the valued assets we offer our clientele.