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Cargo- Heavy/Oversized

Cargo Heavy Oversized

Cargo- Heavy/Oversized

Progressive Transportation Services can help make light work of heavy loads

Making light work of heavy loads 

Many of our clients are unable to split their cargo over different scheduled services or send oversized freight on lengthy journeys by land or sea. For this reason, we are prepared to help with:

  • Oil industry assemblies, including large pipes and drilling equipment
  • Power station parts
  • Marine diesel engines engineering constructions
  • Aircraft parts including engines for grounded aircraft
  • Satellites for space missions
  • Vehicle transportation, such as jeeps and communications trailers
  • Film & music stage sets

Finding solutions for difficult cargo…

  • The IL-76 and AN-124 are often used as the solutions for outsize cargo that needs to be transported on medium or long haul flights
  • We utilize longstanding relationships and mutual respect with the operators of such aircraft
  • We carefully monitor the availability and negotiate the best charter prices in the industry

Experts for heavy and outsize cargo…

Our brokers have vast experience of dealing with large cargo consignments and are always available to help you find the right charter solution.

Air Charter- Delivering Excellence for

  • Freight Forwarders
  • General Sales Agents
  • Charities and Relief Organizations
  • Oil and Automotive Industry
  • Government Departments