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General Sales & Service Agent

men loading cargo planeProgressive Transportation Services, Inc. (PTS) was created and incorporated in 1991 to provide independent sales support for International and Domestic Airlines (General Sales and Service Agent – GSSA). Twenty years later, Progressive continues to represent the very first Airline (LAN Cargo) signed, and is recognized as LAN’s largest GSSA and revenue producer in the United States.

We Deliver Performance

The success of Progressive Transportation Services, Inc. is due to our highly motivated, pro-active, and results-oriented team.  Our staff members have strong marketing skills, and we have created an aggressive entrepreneurial approach to develop markets for our carriers.  Our performance history with cargo carriers shows that these carriers have achieved healthy revenue increases within their first year of our representation.  When given the opportunity to apply our full wealth of skills and talents with our carriers; our performance is unmatched.  We provide a professional and energetic approach to our business relationships.  We strive to be pro-active and not only anticipate problems, but also to offer options that ensure that the problems do not arise.  Our freight forwarding customers can depend on us for worldwide carriers that have been specifically selected for their reliability, safety and speed.  The carriers that we are paired with are results-oriented, and we pride ourselves in the ability to get cargo moved “as booked.”

We Deliver Integrity

We know the importance of building strong relationships with our carriers and forwarders.  You can be assured that we honor your interests at all times. We do not work with competing carriers and deal only with freight forwarders. We treat your business as ours, with straightforward, honest, and fair business practices.

Understanding the complexities of today’s global airfreight market place is our specialty. We provide a valuable role in assisting you, our Airline Principals, to achieve a cost-effective presence in the airfreight market, and will increase your potential revenue streams.