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Pharma Passive with LATAM Airlines

LATAM is the first Airlines in the American Continent awarded by the International Aviation Transportation Agency (IATA) with the Center of Excellence of Independent Validators (CEIV) Pharma certification as an Airlines, as well as certified as a PHARMA products handler in our Miami hub.

Pharma Passive – A unique service, as unique as your cargo.

This specialized product provides a strict protocol in the “passive” management of pharmaceutical cargo. We ensure first class treatment minimizing the time cargo spends outside the temperature-control supply chain.

  • Available storage temperatures include: 2C-8C, 15C-25C, and 2C-25C. Temperature range must be declared in the Handling Information field of the AWB.
  • Procedures in accordance with IATA Chapter 17 and GDP guidelines.
  • Segregation from perishable cargo at origin and destination stations.
  • Use of thermal blankets to minimize temperature fluctuations.
  • Temperature monitoring through the use of thermographs.