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Company Overview

large jet flying over truckProgressive Transportation Services, Inc. (PTS) offers fast, comprehensive shipping service

Rely on Progressive Transportation Services, Inc. (PTS) for coordinating fast, safe and seamless cargo solutions whether you’re shipping by land or air. Unique in the transportation industry, PTS offers its airline and international agents multiple cargo services and solutions. These include airline sales representation (GSA) and warehousing, along with the physical interstate and international movement of cargo. PTS can assist in every aspect, from finding the business you’ve been looking for, to moving the business you already have. Whether you’re shipping to and from small cities or major gateways, you can count on PTS to provide efficient logistics solutions. What’s more, PTS is continually expanding its international service routes, so, as your company grows, PTS can grow with you.

Customer Service that Cares

You can trust the experienced PTS customer service agents to walk you through the entire shipping process from determining specialized air and ground transportation, required permits for proper U.S. Customs documentation, size of aircraft, and type of containers necessary to transport your cargo. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff is well trained in every aspect of the transportation services we provide. They take pride in helping make your job easier, “24/7”, if that’s what it takes. Your cargo isn’t just another shipment to PTS service agents. They follow-up and follow through. PTS knows and respects that your business success relies on timely movement of your cargo.

Keeping Your Cargo &  America Safe

Homeland Security Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) are integrally involved in both the international and domestic shipping arenas. As a result, we have a Compliance department to help keep your cargo secure and meet stringent, U.S. security requirements that guarantee safe handling. Freight is monitored and its handling recorded until it leaves our facility for the next leg of its journey.